my mantra when things are overwhelming is more ‘i’m a machine’ than ‘the hills are alive’ (i didn’t really understand the sound of music until i was in my twenties) – it’s a throwback to running hills during a single, solitary season of x-country…and not forgetting to breathe.  just trying to get through it, and sometimes forgetting to stop and enjoy the scenery.  even if that apple orchard gave me hives.

so i’ll take a moment to make a dedication to the lovely ladies and gentleman who were brave/kind to encourage the creation of a blog/lifestyle/life’s work of entries.  so thank you narcissita and kellie for everyday beauty every day and patrick latter for images that demonstrate the people celebrating in the shadows of mountains will some day end up atop them.

where to go:

please take the time to visit their lovely blogs:; le zoe musings; canadian hiking photography

netflix is showing 180° South on demand – which admittedly took me two tries to watch.  but i am so much the better for it: enjoying the pace of life, setting lofty goals, knowing when you actually have attained them, never giving up.  and man, preserving the environment a little piece at a time a la conservacion patagonia makes me feel less bad about not being john muir (everyone should watch ken burn’s the national parks).  as for climbing mountains…i think i may be ready to conquer my useless fear of heights in time for next month’s trip to the middle east and the pyramids of egypt (really, really want to make it to the entrance).  it doesn’t make sense that if i can go up, i can’t go back down.  and gravity doesn’t work to pull you off the side of the mountain….it’s just my subconscious reminding me to have a healthy fear of death.  and it wouldn’t be the first time i ignored what my mind is telling me.